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Your SGI Certified Autobody in Moose Jaw

When you bend them - we mend them.

Our Moose Jaw collision repair shop can take care of all your autobody needs - for all makes and models. Accidents happen - let's make your repair process and easy one.

Whether you're dealing with a mild fender bender, a serious car crash, looking for hail repair, or anything in between - our trained professionals are equipped to repair your vehicle to pre-accident condition and to OEM specified standards.

We will get you back out on those Saskatchewan roads in no time.

Satisfaction is always Taylor Made.

Take a sneak peek below showing what we can do to fix you up and restore your vehicle to showroom condition.

 Explore our offerings:

All Makes   

While we may be called Moose Jaw Toyota Autobody - that doesn't mean we only service Toyotas! we are your first-stop for all Moose Jaw autobody services. Our skilled team of professionals has the capabilities and experience to fix any make or model.*

All Repairs   

No matter how big or small—we can handle them all. While we’re pros at collision repairs, we also offer servicing for those smaller repairs. Come see us for windshield replacements, paintless dent repairs, frame repairs, refinish repairs, mini detailing, hail repairs and stone chip repairs in Moose Jaw!


SGI Elite Autobody

Moose Jaw Toyota Autobody has earned its status as an SGI Elite Autobody. This is the highest level of accreditation in Saskatchewan. What does that mean? It means that we can do estimates for you, right here in the shop—kickstarting a faster, more convenient repair process for you! You’ll also experience a quicker turnaround time with your repairs, more accurate estimates, and services from technicians who have the highest level of training and the top tools and equipment to repair your vehicle.

OEM Certified

In addition to holding SGI Elite Autobody status, we also are an OEM Certified autobody shop. We obtained this certification by having the right facility and equipment necessary to complete the highest quality of work, by having a team of highly qualified auto technicians, and by using only original equipment manufacturer parts—furthering the high standard of our repair work!

Our Process   

Just like how we tailor your purchasing experience to your needs with Taylor Your Way—we continue to offer servicing process that best fits your needs, time, and schedule.

Communicating with you through the entire repair process is a value of ours: from guiding you through the initial process of starting with your repair claim, to letting you know what your repair timeline looks like, status updates on your vehicle’s progress and a follow-up call to ensure everything is running smoothly.

We’ll order the parts. Once they arrive, we’ll book the repair with you. Then, sit back and relax until your car is ready to go!

After your newly-serviced car is finished its repairs, inspections, tests, and full mini details, we’ll arrange for your pick-up or delivery.**

Courtesy Cars   

For your convenience, we will also offer a free courtesy car for you to drive while your vehicle is in our shop for repairs.***

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a typical glass replacement take to complete?

A: It takes one full day to complete a typical glass replacement. †

Q: How long does a small bumper scratch take to repair?

A: A small bumper scratch repair will take about two days. †

Q: How long does a paintless dent repair take to complete?

A: A simple paintless dent repair usually takes one day. Hail damage repair depends on the severity and number of dents. †

Q: What does the average cost to replace a front or back bumper cover?

A: The average cost to replace a front or back bumper cover ranges between $1,000-$1,500. This depends on the vehicle's model, collision sensors and paint colour.

Q: When is my SGI deductible due?

A: An SGI deductible is due once the complete repaired vehicle is delivered back to the customer.

Q: Will my rates increase if I turn in a claim?

A: This can vary depending on who was at fault, the circumstances of the loss, and your insurance policy. Any questions regarding potential rate increases should be directed to your insurance agent.

Q: If my frame is bent, does it mean that my vehicle can't be fixed?

A: Frame damage is common. Modern equipment and technique allow collision shops to properly repair even the most badly damaged frames.

Q: I'm not sure if my vehicle is safe to drive after an accident. What should I do?

A: When in doubt - don't drive it. Have your vehicle towed to Moose Jaw Toyota Autobody. If you have not yet determined who you want to perform the repairs, have it towed to your residence until that decision is made. Additional damage caused by driving a vehicle after an accident is usually not covered as part of the original loss.

Q: Can I get other service work done on my vehicle while it is in the body shop undergoing repairs?

A: Yes! Simply let your advisor know what other work you would like done so that he or she can make the necessary arrangements.

†This is our estimated time for repairs. Our completion time estimates may vary depending on our capacity at the time of your repair.

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* All makes and models except for any vehicles with aluminum bodies
** Deliveries within Moose Jaw city limits
*** Subject to availability