Do You Want to Make $400? Send Us a Customer!

Send Us A Customer Sales Event

For a limited time here at Moose Jaw Toyota - if you send us a customer who ends up buying (via the lease or purchase of a new vehicle or used vehicle purchase) - we will give you $400! No memberships - no need to be a customer, yourself - we'll simply write you a cheque for $400, that you can immediately deposit to your own account.  

Just think of how easy it is - is your mom, dad, wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend thinking of getting a vehicle? Well, for the few minutes it might take to let them know of this special, you could make 400 bucks. Just like that!  Yes, it's just THAT simple!  And the real icing on the cake? We'll give you $400 PER customer. So, if you bring us 2 or 3 people - that's $800 - or $1200 - right into your pocket! There's no limit to the amount you can make!

Simply present this coupon via print or on your mobile device, along with the customer - and the money is yours!  

Send us a customer2(click image for larger version)